Sutton Paving & Excavation Inc., is a third-generation owned and operated family business. Sutton has grown into a leading asphalt installation company by providing exceptional asphalt services focused on residential and small commercial property owners in WNY for over 30 years.

Daniel J. Sutton, known to the crew as senior, as “Sutton Paving and Construction Inc.,” in 1988. Over the next 30 years, the Sutton name became synonymous with quality and cost-effectiveness in the local asphalt and paving market. Mr. Daniel Sutton’s succession planning included mentoring and developing his business-minded grandson, Mr. Brandon Sutton.

In March 2017, Brandon created the company Sutton Paving & Excavation Inc. operating as President. The first year or operations included some excavation work subcontracted by his grandfather and snow plowing while still working as an employee for Sutton Paving & Construction Inc. The first year was a transition year as he had to prove himself to his grandfather in the ability to successfully operate a portion of the business. In March of 2018, Sutton Paving & Excavation Inc., acquired all assets and operations.

Sutton Paving & Excavation Inc., keeps the family name and values of honesty, integrity, community, and “never settling for the minimum.” With the belief that “a job should be done right the first time,” Brandon Sutton’s business acumen has improved new client engagement, increased productivity, and encouraged growth. Brandon knows through modernizing equipment and understanding that implementing good employee retention practices means healthy, committed employees which benefits his clients that continue to return again and again.

Sutton Paving & Excavation Inc conducts business with honesty and integrity by providing clients with the highest quality solutions for the best value. Sutton strives to exceed the expectations of clients and their unique requirements while prioritizing the safety of people and property. Our vision, strengthened by our growth and ability to earn repeat business, is to expand and be the premier asphalt installation provider in the markets we serve.

Sutton Paving & Excavation Inc continues to grow sustainably! Year after year we have growth that is controlled and repeated. Each year we continue to increase in size and worth. Not only are new employees added and retained each year, we are able to provide them with industry leading pay and benefits to support them and their families. We love our employees as they hold the company values to their heart without even trying. We are more than grateful to have one of the best crews around. This can be seen in everyone’s attitudes on the job site and ends up showing in the quality of your job!

Our Team

Brandon Sutton

Brandon Sutton, President of Sutton Paving & Excavation Inc., has utilized his strong leadership skills to successfully expand the company. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Brandon purchased the company and gained invaluable industry knowledge from a young age. He pursued his education in Mechanical Engineering at Alfred State College before obtaining his bachelor’s degree from Medaille College.

Beyond his work at Sutton Paving & Excavation Inc., Brandon is involved with various local community organizations and agencies. Brandon is an active member of his local fire department, where he volunteers his time and expertise. He has received numerous local and state awards for his service to the community.

Overall, Brandon’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to the industry and the community.

Nathan Schmidt

Nate is a results-oriented office manager, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. He is responsible for ensuring that the customer’s job is handled efficiently and with the care and success that comes with the Sutton name. Beyond his professional pursuits, Nate is a passionate musician who enjoys playing the guitar as a member of a band. He is also an avid sports enthusiast who holds season tickets to the Buffalo Bills and enjoys spending his free time on the racetrack tracking his car.¬†

Rebecca Hinterberger

Becca is a highly skilled Executive Admin who is dedicated to ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of the company. As a key member of the team, she is responsible for managing a wide range of administrative tasks, from responding promptly to inquiries to scheduling and coordinating work with our field operations team.

Outside of work, Becca is a dedicated youth softball coach who gives her time to coaching young athletes. Her passion for fostering positive growth and development in the community’s youth reflects her innate leadership skills and commitment to making a positive impact.

Garret Trenz

Starting as a laborer, thanks to his exceptional work ethic, Garret has worked his way up to being the jobsite foreman for Sutton Paving & Excavation. During the off-season when paving is not taking place, Garret lends his expertise in estimation and business development, contributing to the success and growth of the company.

Outside of work, Garret enjoys various hobbies, such as hunting, building diesel trucks, and participating in motocross racing. He also values spending quality time with his friends and family.

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