At Sutton Paving & Excavation, our area of expertise lies in residential paving. Our knowledgeable team can offer you reliable advice on the most suitable solution for your unique situation, given the array of options available. We consider resurfacing as the most economical and visually appealing choice, wherever feasible. Our crews can also add or repair sewer drains and level any raised surfaces to ensure proper drainage and a smooth surface. Additionally, we prioritize environmental standards when handling your paving needs, keeping in mind that asphalt is the most frequently recycled material in the United States.

What is resurfacing?

Usually a new layer of hot mix asphalt compacted to a 1-1/2 inch to 2 inch thickness is placed over an existing asphalt surface.

What if the old surface is too deteriorated or if the resurface will be too high of an elevation?

To achieve the desired thickness of typically 3″ to 6″ thick, our team will prepare a sub-base and pave the new asphalt in “lifts” after “milling-out” the existing surface.

What if I have a stone driveway?

The quality and thickness of your current stone base will be assessed by our team to determine if additional stone is necessary for a strong asphalt base. In the event that more stone is required, our preparation crew will arrive before paving to add the necessary amount of stone and regrade the area. After the level and graded stone base is prepared, the asphalt will be applied and compacted.

How does it work?

To ensure a strong joint for the new asphalt, Sutton Paving & Excavation will utilize a small mill to remove existing asphalt around any curbs, sidewalks, or drains. Afterward, the area to be paved will be thoroughly cleaned, removing any dirt, rocks, or grass using a mechanical broom sweeper. Following this, a liquid “tack” coat will be applied to the old surface to promote adhesion between the new and old asphalt. The next step involves paving a resurfacing layer over the existing driveway, and if required, a “riser” will be installed on the sewer drain to match the higher elevation of the new resurfacing.

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